May 18, 2017

Susan Lam, @susanlamx

“Live yo life. Make the fullest of it.”

Susan Lam

I worked at Paris Baguette as a barista and cashier before becoming a Crew Member at Pokéworks. I work with trainees and am in charge of finishing up bowls with proteins and mix-ins. At first, it was just another job for while I’m in school, but I gradually got into it. My coworkers are awesome and I learned a lot about sushi and making sushi bowls and sushirritos. My favorite bowl? White bora, purple cucumber, mango, ogo seaweed, sesame, ginger, salad, ponzu (which is the, seaweed salad, crab salad, masago, garlic crunch, and spicy furikake.”

Susan Lam 'gramming at Wowfulls

Before I was able to work, I followed lots of Instagram foodies and made plans to try out new restaurants and cafes when I had the chance. After getting a job and having the ability to enjoy these new trending places, I became less introverted, more willing to try new things and not eating the same thing over and over, and learning more about unfamiliar foods and geographic areas. I have a goal to visit and eat at every new place in NYC. Gaining weight along the way I think is a price worth paying for that.”

Susan has a penchant for finding new places to try soon after they open. She scours food accounts, what’s trending on Instagram, and Yelp’s What’s Hot lists by neighborhood. It also helps being a student blessed with free time and an ever growing list of places to try.

Ube Latte captured by Susan Lam at Chillhouse

Though she could aspire for Yelp Elite status, Susan finds more fulfillment in simply cataloging her eats and places that catch her eye. When asked whether she has goals to grow her Instagram audience and have opportunities to travel and eat, she says for now she’ll keep to posting her meals. She enjoys how Instagram allows her to socialize and share her experiences with other foodies, not as a means to brag or incite fomo, but to save her food moments and document where she’s been. Though she appreciates a well-framed tablescape and flatlay, you won’t find any edited or filtered photos on her account since she prefers to have lowkey, real pictures to look back on fondly.

egg slut
Susan Lam's Egg Slut

During a time where “authenticity” is a big buzzword among growth-oriented influencers, Susan is a reminder of a pure place all food lovers and social media users started at–moment of awe, no matter how significant, mundane, or obscure, and unbridled enthusiasm to capture it for eternity and letting that experience resonate with others. Whatever is one’s reason for posting on social media, it doesn’t hurt to revisit that place of simplicity once in a while.

As for Susan? She hopes to study abroad in South Korea, invest in a camera, open a cafe, work for a major cosmetics or skincare brand, and blog about food and travel. Follow her at @susanlamx.


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