June 15, 2017

Eddie Hom, @TheEddiebles

“I think we owe it to businesses we’re featuring, our audiences, and ourselves as creators to have a moral compass when posting.”

Eddie Hom
Eddie Hom, @theeddibles

My friends say I always dressed well, so I was dared to start @iameddiehom with a catch–ask people on the street to take a picture of my outfit for me. I was pretty introverted and shy back then and used it as an opportunity to get myself out there and talk to strangers. My first posts were horrible. Half the time I’m winging it, the other half I’m trolling myself. As I tweaked things and my audience grew, companies reached out looking for a “new face” and I began working with amazing photographers and companies that I looked up to. I didn’t know lifestyle was a category until I was deep into it.”

Eddie Hom Eating Taco at La Esquina
Eddie Hom eating at La Esquina

Despite success in the lifestyle space, food was always my passion. I grew up in a food-loving family. Each dish has a story and triggers memories, and food is one thing everyone has in common. Moving from lifestyle to food, I found more of a home in the food community on Instagram because of its positivity and welcoming hands. I’m more comfortable in front of a camera than behind it, but enjoy the unique challenges that food photography brings. While a fashion shoot definitely poses its own set of challenges, the challenges that came with food photography was both new and exciting. With food, restaurant environments vary and may not lend well to photography. Food is consumable art and time is of essence–ice cream melts, hot dishes congeal, salads wilt, soup noodles swell.”

Eddie Hom at Simply Hooked
Eddie Hom, former Men’s Fashion Influencer now Hand Model Extraordinaire, at Simply Hooked

You’d picture him frequenting design-forward cafes, but he doesn’t drink coffee. He dresses like a worldly jetsetter, yet he’s a sworn New Yorker from birth til death. You’d think he’s preoccupied with a top shelf lifestyle, but goes out of his way to make time to help and connect with others. A big proponent of giving back, he never leaves food events without tipping, a practice he hopes more food influencers will adopt. Spend a day with Eddie and he’ll prove time and time again there’s more to him than meets the eye.

Eddie Hom
Eddie Hom, @theeddiebles
Eddie Hom
Eddie Hom, @theeddibles

Personal ironies aside, Eddie is firmly aware of social media’s effect on small food businesses. He acknowledges Instagram, a double-edged sword for both influencers and restaurants, democratized content creation and helps attract new customers, but also breeds a culture of posting for exclusivity versus joy in trying new foods and pits small businesses against voracious demand for instantaneous, transient eating experiences without the promise of return customers.

With the power to curate an entire experience based on our pictures, Eddie believes we all have a responsibility to post mindfully to support local businesses, celebrate shared excitement for good food, and not feed into the hype and acute cycle of fast fame and burnout. Met with such socially responsible values behind all the style and Instafame, you can’t help but follow.

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Instagram (Lifestyle, @iameddiehom)

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