June 1, 2017

Sarah Silverman, Owner of Cupcake Market

“Before you focus on your career, have a really good group of friends so that you know you’re emotionally okay.”

Owning a bakery, you have to meet so many people. You have to be welcoming and friendly. It makes me a warmer person, because I used to be kind of shy before. Like at this old bakery I used to work for, I used to be so shy. Oh my god, I wouldn’t even talk to the customers because I was so shy. Yeah, this bakery really did change everything for the better.”

If you were wondering who’s painting the notorious Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian cookies in Manhattan, you might not guess that it’s a small hometown girl from Long Island, carefully drawing behind a wall of cupcakes and pies inside her East Village bakery, Cupcake Market. The painter, Sarah Silverman, draws these irresistibly fun cookies. She’s been running her shop for two years, bringing together a community of locals and tourists alike with the sole intention to treat yourself when life gets difficult.

Sarah looks poised among a chaotic scene of cupcakes and cookies flying in and out of the oven. They just received a large delivery order from a local business that sold out the rest of their cupcakes in the shop. Instead of panicking, Sarah’s eyes twinkle slightly, and a smile slowly forms on her face. Her long, wispy braid and cool blue cardigan best indicates her calm and collected mood. I began to realize she might have not even looked slightly bothered, as if she was just reading the news on a slow Sunday morning.

Sarah was born in Long Island, New York. She attended art school to become a fashion designer, but after running into discouraging results about her work from her professors, Sarah decided to drop out. She felt strangely left out and lost afterwards.

That was a really tough time for me. I was home living with my parents again..I remember I just cried, because I didn’t know what I wanted to do…So first off, I really wanted to have friends in the city…I think that’s number one. Before you focus on your career, have a really good group of friends so that you know you’re emotionally okay.”

In order to begin her life out of school, Sarah eventually moved into the city at the age of 22 to work at a local bakery and attend culinary school. On top of it all, she had broken up with her first boyfriend at the time, but recalls to this day that baking cupcakes pulled her out of the sadness when she felt more upset about a batch of cupcakes that came out of the oven than the breakup. “I couldn’t move on to chocolate until I perfected vanilla. It was kind of a game…” Soon enough, her love for baking cupcakes and the close-knit friendships she developed at the bakery eventually led her to partner businesses with her mom’s antique store to create Cupcake Market.

Sarah gets it. Life happens, and it definitely sucks. But what she desires is having a good group of friends who bring out the best in you and embracing life even when it gets tough. When asked about how her life has evolved, Sarah speaks about her hopes of creating a safe haven. “It’s about really treating yourself, because you rarely do it.”

Cupcake Market is located at 74 E 7th St, New York, NY 10003.


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