January 25, 2018

Shayna Minuto, Co-Founder of Hold My Knots

“I am actually the worst cook in the world. Like, really bad. But I can make a really good garlic knot slider, so that’s all that matters.”

Shayna Minuto and James Awad, Hold My Knots
Shayna Minuto and James Awad, Hold My Knots

One day my dad was coming up with a bunch of different things for menu options, and he just was like, ‘Let’s take a garlic knot and make it a sandwich.’ So something so simple just turned into something huge, where we’re getting all of these food bloggers in here, the Insider Food feature, these videos and stuff, and people are just going crazy for the garlic knot sliders.”

Shayna Minuto grew up in a big Italian family surrounded by food. She helped out at her family’s pizzeria in Bergen County, NJ, where her dad created the garlic knot slider seven years ago. Shayna never thought that she would end up in the food industry after college, but once she realized the popularity of the garlic knot sliders, she and her business partner/boyfriend, James Awad, decided to take the garlic knot slider across the river to New York City and create Hold My Knots.

Their shop, located in Gansevoort Market, opened at the end of 2016. Shayna says that the feature on Insider Food boosted Hold My Knots into the bustling business that it is today. So much so, that there are people from all walks of life going to Gansevoort Market to try their knots.

The coolest thing was someone came and was like, ‘We had two things to do in New York City: we had to see the Statue of Liberty and come to Hold My Knots.’ So that was really cool. We love seeing all these people from all these different areas come by. Some people ask to take a selfie with us!”

Garlic Knot Slider, Hold My Knots My Knots
Garlic Knot Slider, Hold My Knots
Eggplant Parm and Buffalo Chicken Slider, Hold My Knots
Eggplant Parm and Buffalo Chicken Slider, Hold My Knots

Shayna is a people person, by all means and ends. She takes the time to make sure that her customers are satisfied and is always looking for feedback and ways to improve. It’s the thoughtful gestures, like giving customers mints with their garlic knot slider, that make Shayna stand apart from the rest.

I just love seeing everyone’s reaction when digging into a slider. They have the garlic dripping down their face, everything, the oils, different things. I just love seeing their reaction.”

Her love for food and her love for people gives Hold My Knots its warm and welcoming vibe. With Shayna’s dedication, fearlessness and optimism, her business will continue to flourish.

Shayna’s ultimate goal is to franchise across the country. But currently, they are in the process of getting their sliders into supermarkets so they can spread their garlic knots to everyone. Hold My Knots’ first standalone location is set to open mid-February in Bergen County, NJ.

That’s my whole thing. I didn’t want to be able to wake up every day and be like, ‘I don’t wanna go to work. I don’t want to do this.’ Where this, I actually love coming here.” 

Hold My Knots
Hold My Knots

Hold My Knots is located in Gansevoort Market, located at 353 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10014.


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