November 16, 2017

Jessica Sternick, Owner of Current Mood Pops

“Even if there’s roadblocks or if people tell me ‘no,’ I find a way to make it happen.”

Jessica Sternick, Current Mood Pops
Jessica Sternick, Current Mood Pops

It [cake pops] was a product that was emerging in the dessert industry, but it hadn’t kicked off yet. The only stores I saw it being sold at was Starbucks. And so I didn’t even know that it was a trending product until I did more research. How come it isn’t at Trader Joe’s? Why isn’t it on the shelves like that? Me, being the business-minded person that I am, I was like, ‘You know what? Let me figure out why.’ Because people like it, it sells, and people even specialty order them.  And I’ve seen cake pops for as much as six dollars for one, so how come it’s not booming?”

Jessica’s go-getter attitude makes her a born businesswoman. She started her first music booking company at age 20, and made moves to London to further explore her options. After moving to New York in 2010, she left her job at a different booking agency to pursue her dreams of owning her own business. If that wasn’t enough, she started a cake pop business with a friend, but rebranded a year later under the name Current Mood Pops when her friend switched careers.

Running a business always has its setbacks, but Jessica seems to have a handle on it. She solely owns and manages both of her companies, Current Mood Pops and Gesture Group. Her resourcefulness and ability to analyze the market around her has brought her this far.

So yeah, I mean it’s a cool discovery [cake pops], and my focus in the beginning was to just figure it out while I was still doing it, and it’s crazy because I sometimes have to watch what I put my mind to because I’m a real go-getter. And it’s kind of dangerous because I don’t like failure.”

Current Mood Pops
Current Mood Pops

Current Mood Pops presently caters events and has an online store. Jessica hopes to design a more portable box for cake pops sometime in the future. She notes that the boxes now are too large and bulky, and that pops would be more appealing if the packaging were compact.  

At first glance, Jessica exudes confidence and is incredibly resourceful. She has gone through hardships that have shaped her into the strong, independent person she is today.  Because Jessica was forced to fend for herself from a young age, she learned how to survive on her own. She perseveres in everything she puts her mind to, and there’s no doubt she will keep doing so.

That’s why I genuinely think that you can do anything you put your mind to. It’s legit, I’m not even kidding you. You really gotta believe in yourself. Even if you don’t know what’s going to happen, just know that whatever journey you’re on, it’s going to lead you to something, and it’s going to happen. You don’t have to know what it is.”

Current Mood Pops
Current Mood Pops

Current Mood Pops can be ordered online, but has no brick and mortar location. Their offices are located in Lower Manhattan in a shared office space.


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