Month: June 2017

June 22, 2017

Yao Tang, Owner of The Rice Noodle

“Do something that you want to do, even though it might be a big challenge and whole new area for you.”

by Diana Vuong in Businesses
June 15, 2017

Eddie Hom, @TheEddiebles

“I think we owe it to businesses we’re featuring, our audiences, and ourselves as creators to have a moral compass when posting.”

by Jannine Chan in Influencers
June 7, 2017

Tony Quach, Owner of Snowdays

“Starting a business was a really huge learning experience. You make tons of mistakes. I think it’s definitely something very rewarding, but it’s not for everybody.”

by Heidi Seo in Businesses
June 1, 2017

Sarah Silverman, Owner of Cupcake Market

“Before you focus on your career, have a really good group of friends so that you know you’re emotionally okay.”

by Heidi Seo in Businesses