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We connect Restaurants and local Instagram Influencers. Food is meant to be shared.

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Connect and grow. We’re here to help you build long-lasting relationships within the community

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Your time is valuable. Promote your business through hundreds of Influencers without having to go through the labor of finding, organizing and contacting them individually

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We want you to succeed. Our metrics and analytics will show how many people have engaged with content about you

Save Money

Building a large reach can be expensive with traditional advertising and marketing methods. Influencers can help deliver your message with genuine interest


Grow your digital presence by connecting with local Influencers to share your food


Save time finding, organizing and working with Influencers so that you can focus on your clients


Work with local restaurants to create amazing content and help them build their businesses

Our community is here for you

The strongest part of Palate Connect is our Community

Join our our restauranteurs, chefs, influencers, agencies, social media managers and foodies to build a community of food lovers who support each other

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Our Influencers create amazing content that captivates and grows their audiences

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Our community is constantly growing as we meet and work with Influencers of all sizes

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Restaurants, brands and agencies use Palate Connect to find the best Influencers for their goals

Stories of People we Admire

March 29, 2018

Russell Yam and Kitty Tsang, Co-Owners of Som Bo

“Here at Som Bo, we pride ourselves on a well curated menu that mixes and matches with...

March 22, 2018

Johan Halsberghe, Founder of MOJO

“It would be the easiest thing to quit. But we have a dream and this is a...

March 15, 2018

Cory Ng, Co-Owner of Milk and Cream Cereal Bar

“Here at Milk and Cream, we sell cereal, ice cream, and sweets; but more importantly, we sell...